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“One of the most amazing shows to touch the earth. The Mums do for juggling and Magic with Elvis to Rock n’ roll."

- Herald Examiner

" The most appealing show I've seen in a long time- except possibly Prince. The kind that draws you in, transports you and sends you home exhilarated.”

- LA Weekly (Pick of the Week)

“Dark and intense, The Mums put on a séance. Opening night went brilliantly, Mephistopheles was with them.” 

- LA Times (Critics Choice)

“Lovers of Merlin, the magical and mysterious, meet the mystic nights of the night club circuit, The Mums!”

- The Globe and The Mail

“Mum Means Fun!”

- Andy Warhol

I am intrigued...
Nay excited!"

- David Bowie

"I’d like to have you open for us, but frankly you're too good."

- Sting

The Best Performance troupe in LA!

- LA Weekly (Pick of the Week)

“Rapturous theatre, probably the best juggling act in the country.”

- LA Times

“Juggling and magic with a touch of Monty Python.”

- Toronto Sunday Sun

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